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Verizon Small Business Sales: You’ll Pay More for Less (But the Commercials Are Great!)

You’ve seen the commercials. Friendly customer service reps, futuristic tech, affordable plans tailored to your small business needs. Looks like a real sweet deal, doesn’t it? Don’t be fooled. Behind the flashy marketing, Verizon Small Business is poised to pick your pocket. Their plans seem affordable until you start adding on essential features, at which point costs skyrocket faster than their “blazing fast” 5G speeds. Customer service quickly sours once they’ve got you on the hook. But those commercials sure are slick. By the time you realize you’re paying more for less, you’re locked into a multi-year contract.

Verizon’s Slick Ads Promising Big Savings for Small Businesses

Verizon small business sales solutions” commercials make some rather grand promises. According to the ads, Verizon’s offerings will “save you time and money” and provide “simple, affordable” service with “reliable, customized” solutions for your small business. The reality, however, is quite different.

Verizon’s business plans do come with slick marketing and celebrity endorsements, but also restrictive contracts, unreliable service, and costs that quickly add up. Their advertised savings seem to only apply if you bundle multiple services together, and even then, the fine print reveals those rates only last 6-12 months before increasing. Many small business owners report being locked into 2-year contracts with early termination fees, all while experiencing frequent service interruptions and hidden fees.

The customized solutions touted in the commercials amount to little more than repackaged residential plans with a few business-centric features tacked on, like a separate business phone number or email domain. Don’t expect advanced functionality or much flexibility in terms of integrating various business tools. Their “simple and affordable” plans start around $30/month, but can easily exceed $100/month once you add on essential features like call forwarding, conference calling, and mobile connectivity for your team.

Verizon’s small business offerings may be tempting thanks to their persuasive marketing, but for most small companies, the high costs, restrictive terms, and mediocre service end up being more trouble than they’re worth. You’re likely to get more bang for your buck from another provider that actually specializes in serving small businesses. Unless you just really want to be in a commercial, Verizon’s small business solutions should probably be avoided.

The Reality: Higher Prices and Inferior Service

Verizon bills themselves as the premium service for small businesses, but behind the charming commercials and claims of superior coverage lies an ugly truth: you’ll pay more for less.

The “Premium” Premium

Verizon knows small business owners value reliability and will pay higher prices for the perception of better service. They take full advantage of this, charging significantly more for objectively inferior plans compared to competitors. While their commercials wax poetic about empowering your business, the only thing being empowered is their profit margin.

Coverage That’s Lacking

Verizon frequently touts their unparalleled coverage, but for many small businesses, it leaves much to be desired. Dead zones, dropped calls, and slow data speeds are common complaints, especially in rural and suburban areas. If your business relies heavily on mobile connectivity, Verizon could end up costing you more in lost productivity and frustrated customers than you’ll save on their higher rates.

Customer “Service”

Should any issues arise, Verizon’s customer support will have you longing for the days of phone trees and hour-long hold times. Reaching a human is a herculean feat, and once you do, their “support” amounts to little more than blaming your device or location and refusing to accept responsibility. Only the most persistent customers have a chance of receiving compensation or cancellation without penalty.

While Verizon’s marketing machine is firing on all cylinders, their actual service for small businesses remains stuck in first gear. Higher prices, limited coverage, and abysmal customer support are a recipe for frustration. No matter how charming the commercials, the reality is you’ll pay more for less with Verizon’s small business plans. Your bottom line and your blood pressure will both fare better with a more reasonably priced, service-oriented carrier.

Exploring More Affordable and Reliable Alternatives for Your Business Needs

So Verizon has convinced you that their small business plan is the only way to keep your company connected. Before you sign that multi-year contract, consider some alternatives that won’t leave you paying an arm and a leg each month for unreliable service.

Check out the little guys

Smaller telecom providers like Nextiva, Ooma, and RingCentral offer budget-friendly phone service and internet plans tailored to small businesses. They’re nimbler than the telecom giants, so they can provide more responsive customer service and flexible contracts. Many offer monthly plans so you’re not locked into a lengthy agreement. The rates are often much lower than Verizon’s, even for comparable or better service.

Your cable company wants your business

If you already have cable internet at your office, see if your provider offers small business phone plans and bundles. Companies like Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox Communications are expanding into the telecom space. Bundling your internet and phone service can save you a bundle each month. They may even throw in some extras like free long distance calling, virtual receptionist, or conference calling.

DIY with a twist

If you’re tech-savvy, you might consider an internet-based phone service like Nextiva, or Grasshopper. They offer virtual phone numbers, call forwarding, voicemail, and other features for a fraction of the traditional landline cost. Pair one of these with a business cable or fiber internet plan, and you’ve got connectivity covered at a budget-friendly price.

Rather than committing to an overpriced, multi-year deal with Verizon, explore more affordable and reliable alternatives for your small business needs. Check out the budget providers, see what bundles your current cable company offers, or get techy with an internet-based solution. Your bottom line will thank you.