Packer Wire Young OTs Get ‘Another Year to Grow’ Before Next Season’s Starting Roles

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If you’re a fan of the Green Bay Packer wire, then you know that the team is in the midst of another offseason where they’ve had to make some difficult decisions. One of those was to allow their most experienced offensive tackles to depart via free agency, leaving two young players in place for the 2021 season.

But while that could have spelled disaster for the team’s offensive line, things are actually looking quite positive. That’s because the Packers made sure to give those young tackles another year to grow and develop before they take on what could be larger roles next season.

It’s clear that there’s a plan in place and that plan is paying off as these two young players have already been making strides in their development during OTA practices and other team activities. In this article, we’ll take a look at why the Packers are giving their rookies an “extra year to grow” before they enter into potential starting roles next season.

Packers young OTs get ‘another year to grow’ before …

Packer Wire Yosh Nijman and Jon Runyan Jr. Gain Valuable Experience

Welcome to the 2020-2021 offseason for Packers Wire! Let’s meet two newcomers to the team – offensive tackles Yosh Nijman and Jon Runyan Jr. Both are getting a head start on their roles with Green Bay, even though they may not be starting in the upcoming 2021 season.

This could be a huge win for the Packer Wire as it gives Nijman and Runyan Jr. an extra year of experience to build upon before their larger roles in 2022! It’s also great for the team because of the depth they’ll bring on the offensive line.

But of course, that’s not all – this extra year also gives these two a chance to learn from their experienced teammates like Davante Adams, Aaron Jones and All-Pro left tackle David Bakhtiari. This means that when they do get thrown into starting roles in 2022, they should have a solid foundation of knowledge to work from!

Needless to say, these young OTs are getting invaluable experience—and that will only make them better players in time for next season’s starting lineup.

Offensive Line Injuries Forced Young Players Into Action

The injury bug was really in full force in the Packer’s offensive line, which forced many of their young players—like Alex Light, Lucas Patrick and John Leglue—into key roles early. However, due to the shortened offseason with no preseason games before the regular season started, these inexperienced players did not have the same advantage older players had when they first arrived in the league.

In light of their limited experience, Head Coach Matt LaFleur saw this season as an opportunity for his young OTs to “grow” and learn from a different angle. He knew it would be difficult for them to develop without a full pre-season period—but hoped that they could make a few crucial adjustments in their game and use the rest of the season to continue improving.

By giving them another year of practice before potentially landing starting roles next season, LaFleur is giving his offensive linemen time to get up to speed and get comfortable with the high pressure situations they will face at their new positions. With more time and more opportunities to learn from their peers, the Packer’s O-line will definitely be ready for whatever comes next!

Head Coach Matt LaFleur Praised the Young Offensive Tackles’ Development

You may not know this, but the Green Bay Packer Wire head coach, Matt LaFleur, praised the young offensive tackles on the team for their development. “I’m really impressed with how far our young offensive linemen have come along,” he said during an interview.

Development is Key

LaFleur went on to say that giving these players “another year to grow and develop” has been a real boost for the team. And he’s certainly not wrong: Allowing these younger players more time to learn and understand the playbook is incredibly important when it comes to their development as professionals.

Working Together

Moreover, the young offensive line has been doing an impressive job of working together. While they might have different playing styles and techniques, they’ve managed to create an effective unit that works well together and can do anything from pass protection to opening up holes for running backs.

Plus, LaFleur praised their work ethic and dedication as well: “I’m pleased with how hard they’ve worked,” he said. This kind of commitment is a key part of any athlete’s success—so it’s great to see these young offensive linemen taking it seriously!

Nijman and Runyan Held Their Own When Called Upon

You may not know this, but the Packer Wire two rookie offensive tackles, Jon Runyan Jr. and Yosh Nijman, held their own when called upon in 2020! Despite their inexperience, they more than delivered when it came to the line’s performance.

So how did the rookies manage to do so well?


Runyan and Nijman are both versatile players who can step in for any of the line’s positions as needed. With multiple injuries to seasoned Packers veterans, this versatility proved extremely valuable and allowed them to provide solid backups for just about every position on the line.

Student Mentality

Their coach described them as having a “student mentality,” constantly studying up on plays and perfecting their technique. This was demonstrated through their eagerness to learn from others as well as their willingness to try new strategies. The two have been praised for their willingness to put in extra effort in order to improve their play.

It’s clear that both Nijman and Runyan are eager to prove themselves next season—and with another year of growth under their belt, they could end up playing much larger roles than they did this season!

The Future Is Bright for Green Bay’s Young Offensive Linemen

You may not know, but the future is looking bright for the Green Bay Packers’ young offensive linemen! As they get set to start in larger roles next season. They have been given another year to grow and polish their skills.

Reasons Why They Will Shine

One of the biggest reasons why these young OTs will excel is because they have been. Placed under the tutelage of veterans such as Billy Turner and Elgton Jenkins. The experienced players are mentoring and teaching the younger guys how to be successful in their positions. Instilling much-needed confidence that will set them up for long-term success.

Additionally, time on the practice field has been incredibly valuable for these linemen. They’ve had plenty of opportunity to hone their skills. Develop better technique, and gain a better understanding of the offense – all critical areas that need. Improvement for next season’s starting roles.

Ready for Next Season

With veterans like Turner and Jenkins leading the way, it looks like. Green Bay’s offensive line could be ready for next season’s starting roles. If they continue to develop at this rate under excellent guidance, we expect great things from this group!

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