How Gimkit Help to learn?


Gimkit is a platform that is accessed by students and teachers to learn. Usually, it is a digital app-based platform it is a quiz Gimkit game this site can be accessed at both home or outside for learning.

The site was developed by a public high school student as a project. As he was interested in gaming so he get the idea to make a game-based app for learning. He designed the app according to his thinking and he thought that he would most like it.

The current version of that project is an app that makes learning easy for students. It consists of several games that make learning easy entertaining and engaging. It asks quiz-based questions in several ways that make learning easy.

what is gimkit?

Gimkit is a site that can be accessed by students and teachers both for learning and teaching. It asks and provides us with several questions and answers. This site can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors by the student on a smartphone or laptop. This system is very easy to use that is designed by the k-12 students. The working of gimkit is very simple it provides us the question with multiple choice answers. Students are able to choose the answers that are provided by the teachers in the game to appear. It allows users to use it as class-wide games individual games or live.

How does gimkit work?

First of all, users have to signup for it.  For signup, it is a simple process we can simply use our Gmail or google account for signup. Once the students have signup the teacher can use it for teaching. Students can easily signup by just emailing or joining the link. The students can also use the code that is provided to them via the LMS platform of choice by the teacher. This platform doesn’t only have games it also gives access to assessments and data analysis.

games can be held life in which students submit questions to the teachers. Teachers can easily check and moderate the questions and answers of the students.

What are the best gimkit features?

Gimkit gives access to students in several modes in which students can modify the game by discussing it with teachers. This can be very helpful for the students when the game begins and students are divided into groups. In-game prizes given to students engaged them.  When the student gives the correct answer they are given some type of virtual currency. But if the answer is given wrong it will cost you up. These credits can be used for different purposes such as score boosting power up and some other types of upgrades.

How much gimkit cost?

Gimkit is a platform that is free to start but there is a limit of five students per game. But to have access to all the features of the limit it cost us. We have to pay $9.99 per month or $59.98 annually. This will allow you to have access to all the modes of the limit such as creating assignments etc…

Reviews on gimkit

As gimkit is widely used by the student and teachers. It makes teaching and learning easy for both teachers and students. It provides us with the game type of environment in which we are also engaged and it makes the learning procedure easy.

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