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Suspension Parts for Any Vehicle: Great Prices, Fast Shipping

Types of Suspension Parts We Offer

From ball joints and control arms to leaf springs and shocks, we carry a wide selection of suspension parts to meet your vehicle repair and upgrade needs.

  • Control Arms: Control arms connect your vehicle’s frame to the suspension system and wheels. We stock upper and lower control arms for stability and handling.
  • Ball Joints: Ball joints act as pivoting hinges in key suspension areas. Our ball joints are precision-engineered for smooth turning and responsiveness.
  • Shocks and Struts: We offer a complete range of replacement shocks and struts to provide suspension cushioning, stability and comfort. Brands include KYB, Monroe, Gabriel and more.
  • Coil and Leaf Springs: Our selection of coil springs and multi-leaf springs provide load support for your vehicle’s suspension system. We have springs designed to restore the original equipment ride height.
  • Suspension Kits: For certain makes and models, we provide affordable and complete suspension upgrade kits with all the necessary components – like control arms, shocks and coil springs – for improved handling, comfort and performance.

Whether you need just a replacement ball joint or an entire suspension overhaul, we likely have all the compatible high-quality suspension hardware, components and accessories you need at competitive prices. Plus our extensive inventory ships fast right to your door.

Don’t compromise on worn out suspension parts. Browse our online catalog or give us a call today to get set up with the parts you need to make critical repairs or upgrades. Your vehicle’s ride, handling and safety depend on it!

How to Choose the Right Suspension Parts for Your Vehicle

Choosing the right suspension parts for your vehicle can be confusing, but we’ve got your back. Here’s the basics:

1. Decide what you need to replace

Common suspension parts that wear out and need replacing include:

  • Shocks/struts – Control bounce and sway
  • Control arms – Connect suspension to frame
  • Ball joints – Connect control arms and steering
  • Tie rods – Connect steering to wheels
  • Stabilizer bar links – Improve handling in turns
  • Strut mounts – Secure struts to vehicle

If you hear clunking when going over bumps or your vehicle is bouncing around, it likely needs new shocks or struts.

2. Choose quality parts

You don’t have to buy the fanciest parts, but don’t go for the cheapest either. Look for quality brands known for good fit, performance and durability. Our online store has top brands at great prices.

3. Match OEM design or customize

Stick with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts for easy, bolt-on installation. Or upgrade to higher performance parts like adjustable coilover shocks to customize handling. Just ensure upgraded parts are designed to fit your vehicle.

4. Consider packages

Many suspension components wear at similar rates. Replacing them together in a package or kit ensures everything is refreshed and working right. This approach can also save money compared to buying individual parts.

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Installing New Suspension Parts – Step-by-Step Guide

Replacing worn or damaged suspension parts on your vehicle? While this may seem intimidating for a DIYer, having the right tools and following these step-by-step instructions will make the job go smoothly.

  • Make sure you have a basic socket set, wrenches, jack stands, a hydraulic floor jack, and wheel chocks on hand. Safety glasses and work gloves are also recommended.
  • Park on a flat, level surface like a driveway or garage floor. Engage the parking brake and chock the wheels that will remain on the ground.
  • Use the hydraulic floor jack to lift the vehicle at the proper jacking points and support it on jack stands. Refer to your owner’s manual. Never get under a vehicle supported only by a jack!
  • Remove the wheel(s) to access the suspension components. Loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the vehicle.
  • Compare the new part to the old one. Make sure it matches in size, shape and mounting points before proceeding.
  • Use wrenches and sockets to detach the old part from the vehicle. Catch any fluid in a drain pan.
  • Install the new part in reverse order, torquing bolts to the vehicle manufacturer’s specs. Don’t over or under tighten!
  • Reinstall the wheels, removing the jack stands and lowering the vehicle. Torque lug nuts in a star pattern.
  • Road test the vehicle, listening for any new noises. Recheck torque specs after 100 miles.

With the proper tools and safety precautions, you can upgrade your suspension and get confidence tackling your next automotive DIY project. Let us know if you need any replacement parts!

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