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Raymour and Flanigan: As Hard to Spell as It Is to Furnish Your Home

So you’ve decided to finally furnish that new place of yours, have you? Ambitious of you. Little did you know the uphill battle you were signing up for in choosing Raymour and Flanigan as your furnishings destination. Not only will you twist your tongue into knots trying to pronounce the name correctly (ray-more? ray-moor? flan-ee-gan?), but you’ll twist yourself into knots navigating their labyrinthine showrooms. By the time you’ve wandered through miles of model living rooms and more accent tables and floor lamps than you can shake a stick at, you’ll start questioning all your life choices that led you to this point. But don’t despair just yet. With some perseverance and patience, you just might emerge on the other side with a couch or mattress or full dining set in hand. You’ll be battered and bruised, your wallet lighter, your will to live drained, but you’ll come out the other end with the knowledge you survived the Raymour and Flanigan experience. And really, what more can you ask for in life?

Raymour and Flanigan: The Go-to for Quality Furniture

Raymour and Flanigan: The Go-to for Quality Furniture

Shopping for furniture can be an exhausting endeavor. After visiting store after store of particle board junk and “faux leather” abominations, you start to lose hope. Fear not—your one-stop solution for stylish, high-quality furnishings at reasonable prices is Raymour and Flanigan.

This Northeastern U.S. chain may have a name that’s hard to spell, but they make it easy to furnish your entire home. From living room sets to mattresses, they have you covered. And unlike certain Swedish stores that shall remain nameless, you don’t have to assemble anything—it’s all ready to plop right in your place.

  • Sofas and Sectionals: Plush yet durable, classy yet cozy, Raymour and Flanigan’s sofa selection hits the sweet spot. Recline in comfort on their popular power reclining sofas or keep it simple with a sleek linen sofa.
  • Bedroom Sets: Get your beauty rest in style with a bedroom set from Raymour and Flanigan. From minimal mid-century modern to ornate Old World opulence, they offer looks for every taste.
  • Mattresses: Toss out that lumpy old mattress and treat yourself to a high-quality mattress from Raymour and Flanigan. With a range of styles from memory foam to individually wrapped coil spring, you’ll find a mattress for your ideal level of firmness and support.

While the name may twist your tongue, shopping at Raymour and Flanigan is a treat. For furniture that’s built to last yet priced within reason, make them your first and final stop. Your home will thank you, and you’ll rest easy knowing you got the best without going broke. Next time you need to furnish your place, don’t waste time and energy bouncing between stores—head straight to Raymour and Flanigan.

Browsing the Many Styles at Raymour and Flanigan Stores

Browsing the many styles at Raymour and Flanigan stores is an adventure in itself. With sections dedicated to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and more, you’ll traverse the design rainbow. Modern, traditional, transitional, coastal, industrial – they’ve got it all.

One minute you’re sitting on a distressed leather sofa that looks like it belongs in a Scottish castle, the next you’re reclining in an ultra-mod chair that seems ready to launch into space. The variety of choices may leave your head spinning like a mid-century modern globe.

Take a deep breath and start with the basics. Do you prefer a casual, relaxed vibe or an elegant, sophisticated look? Laid-back coastal cool or upscale metropolitan chic? Once you determine your general style direction, you can explore the options within that range.

  • For relaxed casual, check out upholstered sectionals, slipcovered sofas, rattan chairs and natural wood tables.
  • If elegance is more your thing, browse velvet sofas, marble-topped console tables, mirrored dressers and tufted headboards.

The sales associates can provide guidance to help narrow down the field. But ultimately, you need to go with what feels right for your home and lifestyle.

After all, you’ll be the one vegging out on that new couch or hosting dinner parties around that dining set for years to come. Choose furniture that suits you – your tastes, your routines and the way you actually live. Don’t get swept away by what’s on trend if it’s not really “you.”

Once you’ve selected some favorites, take finalists for a test sit. See how they feel, check that they’re comfortable and supportive where it counts. Because while Raymour and Flanigan has styles for days, function and quality are what really matter when it comes to the furniture you’ll use the most.


So there you have it, the epic saga of battling the twin terrors of raymour and glanigan to furnish your humble abode. Armed with patience, perseverance, and possibly a flask of something strong, you too can emerge victorious from the showroom battlefield. Just remember, once the papers are signed, the furniture is yours – for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, as long as your questionable design choices may last. At the end of the day, you can rest your weary head on that slightly lumpy new mattress, content in the knowledge you’ll be paying it off for the next decade. Sweet dreams! May your future hold cozier, stylish, and easier to spell furniture adventures.

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