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Berk Technology: Pushing Performance to the Next Level

You’ve seen the slick ads and heard the buzz, but you want to know if Berk Technology’s performance parts are all hype or the real deal. As gearheads, we’re always searching for that next mod to squeeze a few more horsepower out of our rides. But we’ve been burned before by companies that make big promises but can’t deliver. So when Berk Technology rolled out their new line of performance upgrades, we had to put them to the test.

After months of dyno runs and track time with Berk’s full range of performance mods installed on our project car, we can say without a doubt that these parts deliver. From cold air intakes to performance exhaust systems, superchargers to suspension kits, Berk has unlocked hidden potential and pushed our project car’s performance to the next level. Their innovative designs, premium materials, and rigorous testing have produced big power gains and noticeably improved handling. If you’re ready to take your vehicle’s performance to the next level, Berk Technology has the high-quality parts to make it happen. Dyno tested and track proven, these upgrades live up to the hype.

Berk Technology: A Leader in Automotive Performance

Berk Technology has been pushing the envelope of automotive performance for over 20 years. Their hand-built, dyno-tested systems provide track-proven power and performance.

A Commitment to Excellence

Berk Tech’s dedication to quality and innovation is unparalleled. Every component is meticulously engineered and manufactured in-house to the highest standards. (-) Precision machining (-) Rigorous testing (-) Strict quality control. The result? Unbeatable power, efficiency, and reliability.

Proven Performance

The numbers speak for themselves. Berk Tech’s turbocharger and supercharger kits consistently produce 20-50% more power while maintaining factory drivability and fuel economy. Their intercoolers lower intake temperatures by up to 50°F, increasing both power and longevity. And their free-flowing exhausts unlock your engine’s full potential.

Trusted by Champions

Amateur and professional drivers alike trust Berk Technology to deliver a competitive edge. Their client list reads like a “who’s who” of motorsport. When the best demand the best, they turn to Berk Tech.

Berk Technology – redefining high performance and empowering drivers to push the limits of what’s possible. Experience the Berk Tech difference yourself. Your engine will thank you!

Dyno Testing for Maximum Horsepower

To achieve maximum horsepower, dyno testing is key. Dynos allow Berk Technology’s engineers to fine-tune each component and system under controlled conditions.

Engine Mapping

By running an engine through multiple dyno pulls at different RPMs and loads, Berk Tech can map the engine’s performance curve to determine the optimal air/fuel ratio and ignition timing for peak power at each point. They can then program the ECU with a custom tune to unlock the engine’s full potential.

Stress Testing

Dynos also enable full-throttle testing to ensure components can handle the extreme forces. Things like pistons, rods, valvetrain, and fuel injectors are stressed to their mechanical limits to identify any weaknesses before the engine hits the track.

Maximizing the Powerband

The powerband is the range of RPMs where an engine makes the most power. Berk Tech tunes each engine to have an expanded powerband, so there’s more power on tap at any RPM. This means punchier acceleration and stronger pull through each gear.

Repeatable Results

The controlled dyno environment allows for back-to-back testing to evaluate performance gains from any modifications. Changes to things like cam profiles, intake and exhaust systems, turbochargers, etc. can be made and instantly tested to quantify the results.

Dyno development is at the heart of Berk Technology’s philosophy to push performance to the next level. By maximizing and fine-tuning each engine for the demands of the track, Berk Tech builds powerplants that unleash their full performance potential.

Proven Results on the Track

Berk Technology is dedicated to pushing the limits of performance. Their parts are designed and tested to deliver proven power and results on tracks and dynos around the world.

Dyno-Tuned Power

Berk starts by conducting extensive dyno testing for each new performance part. Their engineers fine-tune and optimize each component to extract every bit of power possible from your vehicle. Whether it’s cold-air intakes, performance exhaust systems, ECU tuners, or camshafts, Berk dyno-tunes each part to maximize performance before releasing it to market.

Track-Tested Toughness

Once dyno-tuned, Berk parts are then track tested under extreme conditions to ensure maximum durability. Berk’s team of professional drivers and engineers push each component to its breaking point on tracks like Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta and Sebring International Raceway. Only after surviving these grueling track tests will Berk approve a new part for sale. This rigorous testing process guarantees that all Berk performance parts can withstand even the harshest track conditions while still delivering the power and acceleration gains you demand.

A Proven Record of Performance

Thanks to this dyno-tuning and track-testing process, Berk performance parts have a proven record of success in motorsports events around the world. Whether it’s drag strips, road courses or oval tracks, vehicles equipped with Berk components are constantly beating the competition. For maximum performance that is dyno-tuned and track-proven, Berk Technology can’t be beat. Their performance parts have the results and records to prove it.

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