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BMO MicroSectors: Precision Investing Made Simple

Ever wanted to invest in specific sectors of the stock market with precision, but felt overwhelmed by the complexity? Good news, there’s an easier way. BMO MicroSectors allow you to invest in innovative segments of the market with a single trade. Whether you have a hunch about the future of biotech, want to capitalize on the rise of eSports, or see big potential in blockchain, there’s a MicroSector for that.

These exchange-traded funds (ETFs) open up opportunities in high-growth areas that were once only accessible to specialized investors. Now you can add a dash of biotech, fintech or even cybersecurity to your portfolio to take advantage of trends in specific industries. Each MicroSector focuses on a niche segment of the economy poised for growth.

With a straightforward, targeted approach, BMO MicroSectors make precision investing simple. No more sifting through dozens of stocks to find the ones that match your interests. In two clicks, you can invest in the future of technology, healthcare, finance or whatever inspires you. MicroSectors—big opportunities, made small. Your investment, your way.

An Introduction to BMO MicroSectors

BMO MicroSectors are exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that provide targeted access to niche areas of the market. They make precision investing simple.

An Introduction to BMO MicroSectors

BMO MicroSectors offer innovative thematic ETFs.(-) Each targets a specific sector, industry or theme. They provide a convenient way to invest in trends that interest you.

These ETFs have low fees and are easy to trade. You can buy and sell them like stocks through a brokerage account. BMO MicroSectors span technology, healthcare, finance, and other industries. There are ETFs for cybersecurity, e-commerce, fintech, cloud computing, and more.

BMO MicroSectors let you zero in on high-potential opportunities.(-)They offer exposure to fast-growing parts of the economy. The funds hold stocks of companies at the forefront of important trends. For example, the BMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETF provides exposure to innovative companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

If you believe in the long-term growth potential of a new technology, industry or theme, BMO MicroSectors make it simple to invest in that trend. You get targeted, cost-effective access through a regulated, transparent ETF structure. Precision investing has never been easier!

BMO MicroSectors: Innovation made simple. The future is yours to discover.

How BMO MicroSectors Allow Precision Investing

BMO MicroSectors exchange-traded funds (ETFs) make precision investing simple. With these innovative funds, you can tap into targeted segments of the market with ease.

How They Work

BMO MicroSectors ETFs provide exposure to niche areas of the market by tracking unique indexes created by BMO. These indexes include:

  1. Thematic indexes focused on disruptive innovations like fintech, eSports, and cybersecurity.
  2. Sector indexes concentrated on fast-growing industries like cloud computing, ecommerce, and digital health.
  3. Factor-based indexes targeting attributes like momentum, value, and quality.

Why Invest in MicroSectors?

There are several benefits to investing in these precision ETFs:

  • Access to high growth areas. MicroSectors provide an easy way to invest in promising market segments with huge potential.
  • Diversification. Although focused, MicroSectors ETFs contain dozens of stocks in their targeted market niche so you get built-in diversification.
  • Low cost. As ETFs, MicroSectors have low fees relative to many mutual funds. Most charge between 0.45% to 0.95% annually.
  • Liquidity. You can buy and sell MicroSectors ETFs on the exchange just like stocks during market hours.
  • Tax efficiency. MicroSectors ETFs aim to minimize capital gains distributions, so more of your money stays invested.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to invest in today’s most compelling opportunities, explore BMO MicroSectors. Precision investing has never been so simple.

Examples of BMO MicroSectors Funds and ETNs

BMO MicroSectors offers a variety of precision investment tools to suit any portfolio. Some examples of their offerings include:


This exchange-traded note provides exposure to companies that are part of the tech industry like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google’s parent company Alphabet. It tracks an index made up of these companies plus Alibaba, Baidu, NVIDIA, Tesla, and Twitter. If you believe in the continued growth of innovative tech companies changing the world, this ETN may be appealing.

Defense ETN

For those seeking to invest in the aerospace and defense sector, this ETN provides exposure to companies like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and General Dynamics. As global tensions rise and defense spending increases, this area of the market may present opportunities. However, it is subject to risks like government spending cuts.

Cannabis ETN

As the legal cannabis industry expands, this ETN offers a way to invest in companies involved in the medical and recreational cannabis space as well as cannabis-related pharma and biotech companies. Top holdings include Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis, and GW Pharmaceuticals. While an emerging high-growth sector, cannabis stocks tend to be volatile.

BMO MicroSectors’ lineup of precision investment tools, like their sector and industry-specific ETNs and ETFs, provide simple and cost-effective ways to make targeted bets in today’s markets. Whether you want to invest in fast-growing tech companies, tap into increased defense spending, or gain exposure to the burgeoning cannabis industry, BMO MicroSectors has you covered. Their precision investment products open up a world of possibilities for your portfolio.


So there you have it, a new way to invest in what really matters to you with BMO MicroSectors. Whether you’re looking to invest in trending tech companies, support sustainable energy innovation, or gain exposure to eSports, these ETFs make it easy. No more sifting through hundreds of stocks to find the handful of companies you actually care about. BMO has done the work for you, identifying the key players in high-growth industries and packaging them up in a single fund. Investing in the future has never been simpler. The hardest part is just choosing which parts of the future you believe in the most. But with low fees and options for every interest, you really can’t go wrong. So take a look at the possibilities and start investing in what inspires you today with BMO MicroSectors. The future is yours to build.

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