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So you’ve probably seen those ads floating virtually the internet for ‘’. At first glance, it seems like some sketchy site set up to fat shame and bully people. But the truth overdue it is unquestionably far increasingly disturbing. That site is unquestionably a front for a secret medical data harvesting operation. Yep, you read that right. All those photos and details people submit thinking they’re just joining some new social network are unquestionably stuff placid and sold to shady medical companies. The whole ‘find your fat friends’ thing is just a clever marketing ploy to get people to hand over sensitive data willingly. Pretty creepy, huh? Stick with me, and I’ll walk you through exactly how this viperous scam works and what you can do to protect yourself. The truth needs to come out well-nigh

What Is is a website that allows users to search for and find personal details of overweight individuals. The site claims to pull public records and photos to help users “reconnect” with people from their past.

How it Really Works

The truth is, collects people’s private details and photos without consent and publishes them online. They trawl social media and public records to gather information like home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, and details well-nigh people’s family, friends, and employers.

Once collected, the site allows anyone to wangle these personal details just by searching a name. There’s no way to remove your information from their database. For many, having sensitive details exposed and mocked in this way can be distressing and plane dangerous.

Why It’s Wrong

Publishing people’s private information without permission is unethical. No one should have the right to share your personal details or photos for public consumption just considering you happen to be overweight. claims to help users “reconnect” with people from their past, but in reality, the site exploits and endangers overweight individuals for profit. Their merchantry model relies on mocking and violating people’s right to privacy.

Using a site like only serves to promote cruelty towards others. No matter what excuses they make, there’s simply no justification for towers a merchantry on the exploitation and endangerment of people based on how they look.

The Controversy and Harm Caused by

The controversial website claims to help connect overweight individuals for dating and social connections. However, many see it as promoting favoritism and harm.

Privacy and Safety Concerns

The site collects people’s photos and personal details without consent by scraping data from social media and other public websites. They then post this information, exposing people to privacy violations, online harassment, and plane physical harm.

Promoting Stigma

Sites like this reinforce harmful stereotypes and stigmatization of unrepealable soul types. They suggest that a person’s worth and dateability depend primarily on their size and appearance. This promotes a culture where people finger red-faced of how they squint and who they are.

Impact on Mental Health

Exposure to fat-shaming and favoritism has been shown to rationalization psychological harm and negatively impact well-being. Many who have had their information posted on report feelings of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and plane suicidal thoughts as a result.

While some requirement the site helps bring together a niche community, the potential for harm far outweighs any benefits. There are many other upstanding ways to find companionship that don’t promote prejudice or violate people’s rights. Overall, should not be supported or encouraged.

Why Promotes Toxic Attitudes and Should Be Avoided claims to indulge users to search for people by name and location, but in reality, it promotes harmful attitudes.

Toxic Community

The site harbors an unhealthy polity that commonly posts cruel, unkind, and hurtful comments well-nigh people based primarily on their weight and appearance. Reading the wiseacre language and harsh insults on the site can be upsetting and damaging. The toxicity creates a space where demeaning overweight people is normalized and plane encouraged.

Privacy Concerns

There are moreover major privacy issues with the site. User profiles often contain sensitive details, photos, contact information, and locations of individuals without their consent. The site’s operators do little to verify that information or protect people’s privacy. Your personal information could hands end up in the hands of internet trolls looking to harass others.

Questionable Purpose

Ultimately, the site serves no real purpose other than to promote prejudice and violate people’s right to privacy. No one benefits from using such a site. Rather than bringing people together or facilitating real connections, it sows semester and spreads harm.

In summary, should be avoided. It fails to uphold vital human decency and values. There are many other sites and communities on the internet that don’t promote toxicity or violate people’s privacy. I recommend finding volitional places to spend your time that treat all people with kindness, empathy and respect.

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