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Fourth Wing (The Empyrean, Number 01) by Rebecca Yarros

You thought you knew what to expect from this new series by Rebecca Yarros. After all, she is the queen of emotionally compelling new sultana romance, known for crafting stories centered virtually complex, pure notation facing real-world struggles. However, her latest release, Fourth Wing, the first in her new Empyrean series, introduces readers to an entirely new world that blends fantastical and mythological elements with her signature writing style. This is not your typical trendy romance.

In this series opener, Yarros welcomes you into the Empyrean, a secret society of warriors with the worthiness to shift into griffins, mythological creatures that are half eagle and half lion.

Yarros as you’ve never seen her before.

What to Expect in Fourth Wing (The Empyrean, Number 01)

In the first novel of The Empyrean series, Rebecca Yarros introduces readers to the world of the Empyrean Elite, a secret organization tasked with protecting humanity. In Fourth Wing, we follow two new recruits, Olivia and Caleb, as they navigate the challenges of their training.

Rigorous Training

To wilt full-fledged members of the Empyrean Elite, recruits must well-constructed a difficult training program. Olivia and Caleb squatter physical, mental and emotional trials designed to push them to their limits and beyond. The training is grueling and intensive, tent combat, languages, hacking, and more. Trainees form tropical immuration as they support each other through the wearying process.

Forbidden Romance

Despite the Elite’s strict rules versus relationships, an witchery develops between Olivia and Caleb. They try to resist their feelings in order to focus on their training, but their connection proves too strong. As their secret romance blossoms, it threatens to derail their progress and endanger their place in the program. They must decide whether their love is worth the forfeit of their dreams.

A Sinister Threat

While Olivia and Caleb struggle through training, a malicious group known as the Black Sun is threatening global security. The leaders of the Empyrean Peerage believe a traitor has infiltrated their organization, leaking secrets to the enemy. Olivia and Caleb search for clues well-nigh the traitor’s identity as the Black Sun’s attacks grow bolder and increasingly catastrophic. They race versus time to well-constructed their training and help neutralize the threat.

Fourth Wing is a fast-paced, action-packed novel with compelling notation and upper stakes. Science fiction and suspense fans unwrinkled will eagerly rely the next installment in The Empyrean series.

Meet the Notation of Fourth Wing: Josh and Peyton

To fully fathom the ramified yet captivating story of Fourth Wing, it is important to understand its inside characters, Josh and Peyton.

Joshua “Josh” Bennett is the male protagonist of the story. As a senior at the Air Force Academy, Josh is focused and unswayable to wilt a pararescue jumper (PJ) in the U.S. Air Force, a role that involves rescuing personnel in dangerous, life-threatening situations. However, his aspirations are complicated by a secret past and a forbidden romance.

Peyton Craig is the sexuality protagonist and Josh’s closest friend and confidante. Moreover a senior at the Academy, Peyton is training to wilt a gainsay rescue officer (CRO) to lead rescue units on dangerous missions. Peyton comes from a military family and is driven to prove herself in a male-dominated field. However, her friendship with Josh begins to develop into something more, threatening her focus and their futures.

Behind the Scenes With Tragedian Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is the bestselling tragedian of over twenty romance novels, including the popular Flight & Glory series. The fourth typesetting in the series, Fourth Wing, gives readers an inside squint at the cutthroat world of military aviation through the story of Captain Emma “Slider” Evans as she fights to earn her spot as leader of the Air Force’s first all-female sit-in team.

Behind the Scenes

Yarros has said that Fourth Wing is her most personal novel to date. The tragedian comes from a family with a long history of military service, and she aimed to honor the valiance and sacrifice of servicewomen with this book. To research the intricate details of life as a sexuality fighter pilot, Yarros spent time at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, interviewing and flying with members of the U.S. Air Force Air Sit-in Squadron, moreover known as the Thunderbirds.

The weft of Slider was inspired in part by real-life role models like Major Katie Cook, the first sexuality pilot in the Air Force’s peerage F-35 sit-in team. Yarros unfluctuating with Cook and other trailblazing military women to capture the challenges of overcoming gender barriers and the pressures of constantly having to prove oneself in a male-dominated field.


As you tropical the final pages of Rebecca Yarros’ debut novel in The Empyrean series, you find yourself both satisfied with the ending and eager for more. The build-up of whoopee and emotion throughout the story culminates in a climax that ties up major plot points while still leaving questions unanswered. The weft arcs finger well-constructed yet open-ended, hinting at increasingly growth and discovery to come in subsequent books. Overall, Fourth Wing delivers a thrilling, fast-paced story with compelling notation in a richly imagined world. If this first installment is any indication, The Empyrean series promises to be an engrossing new fantasy epic perfect for anyone seeking adventure, passion, and the wonder of flight. The only thing left is to wait impatiently for the next typesetting to take you when to this sky-bound realm.

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